Painting Trends: Gray is the new Black

Gray is the new, go-to neutral in home decor. Gray is a neutral tone, a mixture between black and white. Gray comes in a broad range and can have either warm tones or cooler tones, depending on the undertone color. Warm grays usually have red, orange, yellow, or brown undertones and are perceived to be cozy. Cool grays usually have blue, green, or purple undertones and is best used in smaller areas to make them feel more spacious. We are seeing gray upholstery, kitchen cabinets, in wood tones, and of course, being used on walls. Basically, gray is the new neutral, so here are a few of my gray paint color recommendations by Benjamin Moore:


Benjamin Moore- Revere Pewter is light grey with a hint of taupe.

Benjamin Moore- Grey Owl is a light and bright grey

Benjamin Moore- Willow Creek is the perfect warm gray

I’ve previously mentioned these three gray colors as my go to in a previous blog post. These are still my classic and favorite go-to gray paint colors. There are SO many to choose from but here are a few additional gray Sherwin Williams paint recommendations:

Sherwin Williams Grays

Sherwin Williams-Agreeable Gray is the perfect neutral with brown undertones and is a ‘greige’ (gray + beige)

Sherwin Williams-Fashionable Gray is a soothing cool gray with purple undertones

Sherwin Williams- Cyberspace is a dark, bold, and dramatic gray

So long beige, tan, and off-white as neutral wall colors, gray is here! Known to be muted, gloomy, and without interest or color; grays can be complex to select. Grays have various, yet subtle undertones that must be recognized and paired with accent colors.  

As we enter 2018, here are a few accent colors and paints to use in the home- We all want to be on trend, right? Here is an overview of the 2018 paint forecasts and global color trends. 

2018 colors

The Behr 2018 Color of the Year is In The Moment. This color is a perfect mix of blue and green that is modern, soothing, calm, and transitional.

Sherwin-Williams named Oceanside as their 2018 color of the year.  Oceanside is a salt-water inspired bright, daring, and energetic blue.

The color red symbolizes power, energy, passion, love, and very strong emotions. The 2018 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year is Caliente AF-290, which is a powerful, full-bodied, and bright red.

The 2018 Pantone Color of the year is Ultra Violet 18-3838. This color is deep purple hue, which is bold, daring, dramatic, individualistic, a nod to the exploration of the universe, and the current climate of pushing against the norm.

Glidden Paint named the 2018 Color of the Year as Deep Onyx which is a rich charcoal black that is profound and looks best in a matte finish which is the perfect contrast for a modern white.

The colors of the year are always fun to experiment with as accent colors throughout the home. These colors can be used around the home not only in paint but also as accent colors in artwork, rugs, pillows, art glass, and textiles. In 2018, we will continue to see less intensity of color, less pigmented colors, and more dark shades with calm and muted undertones. Greens and blues are expected to continue to be the major color trends in a wide range of hues in 2018. Be bold and jump into 2018 with paint and color trends colors to match your bold, new goals!